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June 19, 2010 / grouptour2010

The Group Tour can be customized for your group

Group tour

Group Tour Benefits

Group Tour gives Travel Agents and their groups the opportunity to save a significant amount of money while giving their clients an incredible, customized, affordable tour experience.

Customization – The tour operators will give you recommendations, but ultimately you decide where your trips go- they can customize cities, routes, attractions, hotels, and meals. You name it! The trip can be customized for your group! Ask about tours to destinations in the United States, Europe, South America, Asia and more!

Personal attention – No matter how small or large your organization and Group Tour is, good tour operators treat each and every group as a VIP, ensuring that every trip is a success. For example, tour operators can even arrange for van tours in Italy if appropriate for your group.

Why book with a tour operator? We only work with custom tour operators who will provide you with the attention that you need, a price that fits your budget, and assurance that each one of the members of your group is treated like a VIP. Contact us today to get more information on group tours!

Pre-planning – The tour operators carefully plan all of the details of your group’s program, working with you to recommend events, etc and personalizing the program with your requirements.

Specific Requests – The tour operators that we work with will try to accommodate certain special needs.  It’s best that you communicate your requests early in the tour planning stage.

Price – Tour operators incorporate the bulk discounts for transportation, lodging, meals, and events into their price so that you save money. Savings can be applied to your guests total cost, added to commissions, or donated to a charitable cause (i.e. raising money for alumni groups).

Travel Agent Benefits – Travel Agents earn aggressive commissions that are paid promptly. Why choose other operators that pay around 10% when some tour operators pay as high as 25% to 30%!

These tour operators will help you create great trips, at lower prices- and you receive higher commissions!


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