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June 10, 2010 / grouptour2010

What are the classifications of an good group tour?

Group Tour

The first reason to choose group tour rather than private tours is if you are travelling alone. Sometimes travelling alone can be ultimately fun, but if you feel that you may get bored or even feel lonely then group tours is the perfect solution to meet people and find great times. The people on your group tour can be from all over the world giving you a microcosm of the globe all on one tour bus. In addition, women who are travelling to less well developed countries will benefit from the security that group tours bring over private ones.

For those with a logical mind group tours offer the best way to see all of the sites quickly efficiently. Tour guides will have a strictly laid out itinerary that must be stuck to, meaning that you as a traveller see as many of the sites as possible while on your vacation. While members of your party may well be photo happy, do not fear, you will not be held up by their incessant snapping; the tour guide will soon drag them along so they can adhere to the schedule.

In some European countries private tours can cost as much as double as the group ones. While those travelling in large families may find it a cost effective measure to go private, smaller families and couples will definitely find group touring a more appealing option.

When you are going on vacation it is often a hard decision whether to go on group tour or use a private tour guide for your travels. While the benefits of private tours may be great they can however be expensive, in some cases you may even have more fun on group tours, and the variety of people can be a complimentary element to your trip.

So what are the considerations to make when deciding between private and group tour for your vacation? Here are a few pointers for lost travelers

It is not always the financial aspects however that defines the difference between private and group tour. You may happily be able to afford either one so choose one in line with your preferences rather than in line with your wallet. The choice of tours can make a great difference to the quality of your vacation. Get the choice wrong and you could be bickering with loved ones all the way, get it right and a magical vacation full of fun and entertaining tours will become apparent.

Despite the increased cost, there are many travelers who use private tours for a variety of reasons.

One of these is that a private tour will enable you to control your itinerary, laying out exactly what sites you want to see and schedule for this sightseeing. Going private does not necessarily mean that you are a control freak; it just means that you like to have flexibility in the way you travel. It may be an option, if you cannot afford private tours to look into the different group schedules to see how much flexibility is available to you.


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